Letter: Water in New Brighton

To the Editor:

Water is our city’s number one, two and three issues. Mayor Val Johnson is a steady, thoughtful, experienced leader in a time of important decisions regarding the city’s supply of safe drinking water. This is no time for games. However, I have watched others try to manufacture city council conflict because shifting the focus away from safe drinking water is the strategy of choice in attempts to undermine public confidence in the city’s response to this most serious issue.

The voters of New Brighton recognize our drinking water is a serious matter that requires a serious response. Val has worked to bring safe drinking water around the world as founder of Action 4 Water, co-founder of H2O for Life and a member of the Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group. Since being elected, New Brighton Mayor Val Johnson has worked tirelessly to ensure that New Brighton has safe drinking water for decades to come. For this reason, I ask you to join me in voting to re-elect Val Johnson as mayor.

Brian Strub
New Brighton