Letter: Mounds View School referendum is a great investment

To the Editor:

The Mounds View School District bond referendum on the ballot in the fall of 2017 represents a turning point in our community. The residents of this area are smart. We have always valued education and viewed it as an investment. So, should we pass a $165 million bond referendum to add functional classroom space and update our schools? If it’s a good investment, yes. Let’s look to the future. Our schools are at capacity. We will have 1,600 new students in the next 7 years. The only way to add classroom space is through a bond referendum.

Public education is an investment in two ways. First, it is a social investment in our kids so that they can live to their full potential. Second, it is an economic investment in our workforce and the businesses in our community. The reason Minnesota is outperforming most states in creating middle class jobs is because we invest in education. Employers in the booming medical device industry and other industries in our community need skilled and educated workers. That takes investment. If we do not continue to invest in our schools, we will lose our competitive edge in the marketplace I think it is well worth the $16 per month for a median household to make that investment. Let’s talk to our neighbors and invest in our schools this Fall.

Burt Johnson
Arden Hills