Linda Lou Marie Jacobson

Linda Lou Marie Jacobson

Linda Lou Marie Solinger Jacobson was born in Park Rapids, MN on October 11, 1940 and passed away from dementia complications on September 6, 2017 at the age of 76.

Linda was a strong, confident, amazing woman with a moral compass and work ethic that rivaled popular saints. She graduated from Hibbing High School in 1958. Shortly afterwards, Linda met the dashing Clifford V. Jacobson while out cruising in a car with friends. Cliff likes to tell people he “picked her up on the street” (which didn’t go over very well with the future in-laws….or Linda).

Linda and Cliff married during a rainstorm on August 12, 1962. Their combined weight topped out at 230 lbs. They moved to Fridley, MN, raising three children in the beige (or pink… the debate continues) house on 6th Street.

Linda had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1966, she opened a daycare in their home, regularly transporting 12 well-behaved children to the grocery store in her Dodge Dart.

Linda was always one to step up and defuse any situation. She is a family legend for the time she was loading the kids in the car for church, in white gloves and Sunday dress, and aptly killed a charging rabid skunk with the shotgun she kept in the trunk.

Her calling in life was to serve. She took this to heart, even if you didn’t realize you were actually the one in need. Linda could, and often would, stop and give you the “fluttering stink eye” when she deemed it necessary. She kept her family, all children, and complete strangers in line with her very friendly, yet no-nonsense style.

Linda honed her amazing ability for small talk, quick life updates and the dramatic pause while working as a bank teller for 20 years at TCF. She survived a calculated bank robbery and rescued a short shaggy dog during her tenure.

Much to the frustration of her son, Linda had a unique, energy saving driving style that involved neither accelerating nor braking. It was more of a coasting down the road strategy. Did she like to feel the wind in her hair? No, she did not! This was probably why she didn’t like motorcycles, reminding her son and son in-law of this regularly until both agreed to purchase sensible modes of transportation.

Although Linda was possibly tone-deaf she embraced singing with vigor, laughing off her embarrassed teenage children. She was also organized before organizing was hip. Linda itemized the family Christmas ornaments by year and ownership and kept everything from her childrens’ childhoods in neatly labeled boxes.

Linda was a cut out cookie legend, sharing many hours with her eldest daughter making cookies, while attempting to keep her middle daughter from eating all of the dough. Hot dish and pork chops with rice were also staples in Linda’s house. Sugared cereals were never allowed but the grape Kool-Aid flowed freely. Nutrition can be complicated.

In lieu of a gym membership, Linda was often seen walking the family dog, riding her bike, mall walking and doing side leg lifts at unexpected times. Her first grandson credits his thrifty “Oma” (as she was lovingly called) for starting his college saving fund nine minutes after he was born.

Linda was a steady presence in the lives of her family. She kept Cliff’s storytelling in line (much needed) and used her boundless energy and creative skills to wrangle her kids and guide them into kind-hearted and independent adults. She did a great job! Today all of her children are wildly successful.

Linda was loved greatly by her dedicated, happy and incredibly popular husband, Cliff. The two love birds played cards and games. They explored life in both the big city and at the cabin and shared many adventures together in their 55 year marriage.

Linda is preceded in death by her parents Leonard and Esther Solinger; her siblings, Leroy and Darlene; as well as her dogs, Snoopy, O-lena and Buddy (from the bank). The cat appears to be immortal.

Linda is survived by Clifford; daughters Colleen Feyo (John) and Cathy (Aimee Forehand) and son, Jeff (Beep); as well as grandchildren Andy, Hunter, Reagan and Max.

Linda’s visitation was at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at St. Williams Church in Fridley, MN. The funeral was at 11 a.m. followed by a lovely tater tot hot dish lunch served by Jane’s crew. Burial at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery followed.

Linda loved animals and anyone in need. A donation to a favorite charity in her name is preferred.

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