Letter: Brian Strub on the New Brighton City Council election

To the Editor:

I am not seeking re-election to the city council in 2017. The most important constituents in all of New Brighton live in my house. My family deserves more of my time and attention. I have worked to enhance New Brighton as a family friendly city, with safer crosswalks, improved pedestrian and bike paths, safer rail road crossings, a new park, new homes, new residents, new bridges, new businesses and many new jobs to demonstrate and deliver what I’ve called #results4NB.

I am proud of our work to provide safe drinking water, support our police, firefighters, snow plow drivers and other city employees while expecting a high level of customer service from them, and my work to engage families which has brought more than 100 children and their parents into City Hall to lead the council in the Pledge of Allegiance, many of them for the first time. I voted to reduce my own term by a year, to save thousands of taxpayer dollars by switching to high turn-out even year elections, for the farmer’s market, for small business expansions, for fiscally prudent and honest balanced budgets, to honor our veterans on Veteran’s Day and every day by displaying the POW-MIA flag in City Hall, expanded ice rink hours, a lighted sledding hill, long overdue renovations to the Community Center including a private nursing room for new mothers, Sunday growler sales at the local brewery Barley John’s Brew Pub, protection of our urban tree canopy and Tree City USA status and numerous cost saving energy efficiencies as part of the statewide Green Step Cities program.

I will miss this most interesting, challenging and fulfilling part time job. I am thankful for the opportunity to have been elected and to have served this city. The city council meets on Tuesday nights. I look forward – in January of 2018 – to once again enjoying dinner with my wife and young daughters on Tuesday nights.

Brian Strub
New Brighton