Two charged in Anoka armed robbery

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Two people have been charged in Anoka County District Court in connection with an armed robbery reported in Anoka early Monday, July 31.

Tarek Christopher Meshke, 18, has been charged with first degree aggravated robbery and two counts of second degree assault.

Isaiah Jordan Michael Hustoft, 17, faces charges of first degree aggravated robbery and two counts of second degree assault. The Anoka County Attorney’s Office is petitioning the court to have Hustoft, just weeks away from his 18th birthday when the alleged crime took place, tried as an adult.

At 1:32 a.m. officers from the Anoka Police Department responded to the 1800 block of State Avenue on a report of a crash involving a vehicle that had struck a tree.

Upon officers’ arrival, occupants of the vehicle told officers they had been robbed in the general location of the crash by two males.

The driver told police he had met up with Meshke and another person he did not know down the block to buy some marijuana. According to the complaint, when the driver pulled the money out of his pocket to buy the drugs the second person, later identified as Hustoft, was pointing a gun at him.

The victim alleged that Meshke reached into the car, grabbed the $120 in cash from his hand and ran away with Hustoft.

According to the complaint, the victim then chased the two men with his car but Hustoft turned around and fired one shot at his car. The driver swerved to avoid being hit by a bullet and then crashed into a tree.

The driver said he and his girlfriend planned to buy $20 to $40 of marijuana from Meshke. Also in the car was the woman’s 2-year-old child.

One area resident also told police he saw two people running down the alley, a car driving after them and one of the people turning and seeing a flash and hearing a bang.

Meshke and Hustoft were later arrested in Coon Rapids when police responded to a call that someone in a vehicle near Round Lake Boulevard and Highway 10 was having a drug overdose or allergic reaction.

Security video from the evening of July 30 in Serum’s parking lot in downtown Anoka shows the two together at approximately 10 p.m.

In a post-Miranda statement, Hustoft claimed to have been with Meshke that night but not during the robbery. He also told police that Meshke had eaten a protein bar with nuts, which casued the allergic reation.

Editor’s Note: The names of 16- and 17-year-old juveniles charged with a felony are public record.