Fridley McDonald’s is first in the Twin Cities to be transformed by technology

The McDonald’s restaurant on University Avenue in Fridley is the first in the Twin Cities to offer guests a new level of choice, engagement and service as part of its global modernization efforts.

These changes are a new McDonald’s restaurant model, Experience of the Future, that has been rolled out in more than 2,600 international McDonald’s restaurants and evolves how guests order, what they order, how they pay and how they are served.

Kiosks let guests to browse the menu, find new options and tailor their meal the way they want.

McDonald’s crewmembers deliver guests’ orders to their tables.

McDonald’s owner/operators and restaurant teams in Fridley are placing an emphasis on hospitality by focusing on greeting customers, assisting with technology and ensuring a clean, welcoming environment.

“We’re excited to share this evolved experience at McDonald’s with our customers,” said Melissa Kennedy, local owner/operator. “We appreciate and value our guests’ feedback on this new experience, and we’re looking forward to offering them a new way to dine at McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s’ goal is to modernize and update most Minnesota and U.S. restaurants by 2020.

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