Fridley council approves stormwater grant plan

Rice Creek Watershed District, Metropolitan Council involved in agreement

The Fridley City Council approved a Memorandum of Agreement with the Rice Creek Watershed District for a 2017 Metropolitan Council stormwater grant for the Fridley Civic Complex project during the July 24 meeting.

In the spring of 2016 and 2017, the City of Fridley requested that city partners at the Rice Creek Watershed District apply for a stormwater system grant through a new Metropolitan Council program for the Fridley Civic Complex.

“The new program is intended to fund water quality improvement for project that go above and beyond what the required regulatory thresholds are,” said Fridley Public Works Director James Kosluchar.

The proposed project will be on the Fridley Civic campus and improve stormwater quality discharged into the Rice Creek and the Mississippi River, by inclusion of an iron-enhanced sand filter treatment system. The sand filters will resemble a golf course sand trap.

“It will serve the private development to the south as well,” said Kosluchar.

The application

In April 2017 the Rice Creek Watershed District was authorized to submit a 2017 Metropolitan Council Stormwater Grant application for the Civic Center Complex project. According to Metropolitan Council grant requirements, the Rice Creek Watershed District must be the named applicant and must sign the grant agreement as the Grantee.

The civic campus project received the highest score for applications received in 2017, and the Metropolitan Council awarded a grant of $159,000.

“In addition the Rice Creek Watershed District budgeted $70,000 to specifically assist with this project,” said Kosluchar.

The RCWD, as the formal grantee, will be the agent for the grant.

The RCWD and City of Fridley agreed as part of the grant application process to enter into the Memorandum of Agreement a list of responsibilities belonging to the city to ensure that all terms of the grant agreement are met.

These responsibilities include:

• Preparing the required work plan and budget.

• Funding the remaining local match required for the improvements.

• Completing construction per the grant agreement.

• Performing required operations and maintenance.

Overall funding

Overall, the Rice Creek Watershed District will be providing $70,000 of its own funds and $159,000 in Metropolitan Council funds to the City (totaling $229,000). The City’s share of cost stands estimated at $192,475.

This will require that the City award the alternate project items for the iron-enhanced sand filter system of $85,500, and the remaining funding will apply to system components that have been awarded.

“Basically, the city has a budget for the stormwater system and some of the pumping that is covered under this grant so the city will be able to provide improved water quality for the development and actually save $143,500 through the funding allocated in this grant,” said Kosluchar.

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