More outdoor music coming to Fridley

More live outdoor music will be coming to Fridley after the City Council approved a new sound ordinance during the June 12 meeting.

The Design Review Committee met in April to discuss whether outdoor live entertainment should be allowed at liquor establishments that have a patio endorsement. The committee also debated whether the music should be acoustical with a small amp and microphone or if it could be live band.

The discussion hit the table after Crooners Lounge and Supper Club owner Mary Tjosvold filled out an application for live music on Crooners’ outdoor patio,

“We look at this now as something not just specific for Crooners but for other liquor establishments that may have a patio or will have a patio in the future,” said Fridley Mayor Scott Lund. “With some sensible restrictions.”

The Police Department said when it gets a phone call with a complaint that someone is disturbing the peace, it doesn’t matter what time of day they will ask them to shut it down.

“There is obviously a range that is comfortable and one that is just too doggone loud,” said Lund.

Most DRC members felt the noise would be similar to that of construction noise which is allowable on weekends and that was used as a guidance for when entertainment could be provided.

Based on that information, the council approved an ordinance allowing acoustical entertainment on patios between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

The ordinance will become effective July 8.