Mounds View graduates look to the next chapter

Mounds View High School graduating senior Xavier Myles is looking to the future.

Xavier Myles and his mother (Submitted photo)

A varsity athlete and role model, Myles thanked his parents for always supporting him throughout his high school career.

“My mom would always tell me that I could do whatever I wanted to do, I just had to set my mind to it. That has always given me confidence,” Myles said.

One of Myles biggest achievements this year was earning his fastest time in his last race for track and field, but the journey wasn’t always easy.

Myles said he was injured for most of the season during his senior year, but he prevailed with a positive attitude and persevered.

He thanked his track coach, Ross Fleming for helping him through the season. He said that although he contemplated quitting track throughout the season, Fleming made him feel that he was a bigger part of the team.

“He told me about a week ago that he was happy that I stayed positive, even though I had an injured season,” Myles said.

Myles also thanked his math teacher, Jodie Bias.

“I’ve never met a math teacher that makes a lecture not even seem like a lecture,” he added.

He also gave thanks to the friendly lunch lady, Cheryl, and the head football coach and his weightlifting teacher Jim Galvin.

Myles will be attending Central Lakes College in Brainerd and plans to transfer to a four year university afterward. He said he is leaning toward a major in business.

Myles offered some words of advice to those trying to get through their college years:

“I think if you come into high school with your own core values, and you stick to those core values, you’re going to have a lot more fun. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. And its important to have a core group of friends. I still have a lot of the same friends as I did in elementary school.”

Words of advice

Maddie Wang (Submitted photo)

“I’m a “tiger cub” of arguably the biggest “tiger mom” at Mounds View High School. For me, my biggest challenge at MVHS was simple: maintaining stellar academics and prestigious extracurriculars. I was expected to become this Stanford-bound academic robot in high school.

Unfortunately, this did not play out well initially. My freshman and sophomore year, I frequently fell asleep in class, had zero social life, and was stressed out all the time because I was too busy churning out homework after homework.

Throughout these years, I learned one fundamental concept: balance. It’s regularly hanging out with friends. It’s getting sleep. It’s exploring your hobbies. It’s play. With balance, you’ll be so much happier and mentally healthier while still maintaining that high academic rigor.

For me, I decided to give balance a go my senior and junior year. I hung out with friends every weekend, got more sleep, and even went on dates all the while holding up my grades. Consequently, I had significantly less stress, more happiness, and an improved well-being.

Retrospectively, I didn’t need to become this academic robot—and torture myself in the process—to get admitted into Stanford. And you don’t either. For all those “tiger cubs” and whizzes/geniuses out there, you can (and should) work hard in high school, but not to the extent that pushes you over your mental limits. Because at the end of the day, you and your well-being matter so much more than your academics.”

Maddie Wang
Mounds View High School Senior
Wang will be attending Stanford University

Alexandra Lilley (Submitted photo)

“Be yourself. Senior year is going to go VERY fast and you’re often going to be stressed by all of the things going on. If you don’t loose track of yourself you’ll do great things. Don’t feel pressured to do EVERYTHING just because you’re a senior, you have a life as well. Enjoy every moment, you might never see some of these people again. Meet seniors you haven’t talked to yet and be friends with them, they might need it. Cherish some of the lifelong friendships you’ve made even if they’re moving across the country. Finally, thank all of the teachers who have brought you this far, you’ve made it. Congrats.”

Alexandra Lilley
Irondale High School Senior
Lilley will be attending University of Minnesota-Duluth