New Brighton recreational fire rules

With more time being spent outdoors during this season, Public Safety would like to remind residents about the rules of recreational fires in the City of New Brighton. The city ask that everyone be a good neighbor and abide by these safety regulations. If someone seems to be in violation of the ordinance, residents should report them to 911 so that a police officer, firefighter, or code enforcement official can investigate.

Outside fires of wood used solely for recreational, ceremonial, food preparation, or social purposes shall be permitted only if all of the following conditions are met:
• Fires may only be set in a fireplace, pit, or fire ring designed for wood fires for recreational or food preparation purposes.
• The size of the fire shall not exceed three feet in any dimension.
• A garden hose and water supply or other adequate fire extinguishing equipment must be available and a competent adult must be in constant attendance until the fire has been extinguished.
• No fire may be set or allowed to continue burning if the wind is excess of 10 mph.
• Only clean wood may be used as a fuel and no accelerants may be used. Leaves, grass, landscape trimmings, and garbage/refuse are all banned from being burned.