Metro Paint-A-Thon

For 33 years, the Metro Paint-A-Thon has been helping low-income seniors and people with disabilities live independently, with pride in their own homes. In 2016, our volunteer teams completed 52 projects. Volunteers scraped, primed, and painted the exteriors of homes, garages, fences, and sheds.

However, we know that many more home owners in the 7-county metro area still need our help.

The following are several ways your workplace, place of worship, or private group can be involved in this amazing program:
• Form a Paint-A-Thon team. Take part in one of the most satisfying and rewarding volunteer experiences around. Paint a senior’s home in the 7-county metro area, so that the homeowner can continue living with dignity and independence in their own home.

Paint weekend is August 5-6, 2017, though dates can be flexible to accommodate your team’s schedule.

• Donate. For those who cannot paint, but still wish to contribute, a donation is always welcome. Gifts from corporations, foundations, paint teams and individuals allow us to run an efficient, well-organized program and enable us to continue to offer our services to homeowners free of charge. To really make a difference, consider the opportunity to sponsor a home. A sponsorship of $2000 completely covers the program’s cost of painting a Paint-A-Thon home.
• Offer product or repair services. We rely on donated products to equip our teams and care for our clients’ homes. We are very grateful for donated services. Sometimes minor repairs are needed before painting can be done, and the homeowner is without the resources to take care of them. If you, or someone in your organization, has handyperson skills and would like to donate your time, we would love to hear from you.

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact Carolyn Henning, Paint-A-Thon Coordinator at 612-276-1579 or [email protected] The deadline to register volunteer teams is June 1, 2017.