Touchstone Mental Health to open a new residential treatment program in Fridley

Touchstone Mental Health is set to open a new residential treatment program in Fridley to help those transitioning back into the community.

The Sixteen-room center on Mercy Hospitals – Unity Campus will offer mental health services to help clients recovering from mental illness and develop the skills they need to live well in their communities.

“We work with a variety of diagnosis like schizophrenia and mood disorders like bipolar or major depression,” said Ellie Skelton, executive director of Touchstone Mental Health.

The program will provide short-term mental health support for people transitioning from hospitals, like the Unity campus mental health unit, and those requiring stabilization in order to prevent hospitalization. Staff will include a full-time on-site treatment director, mental health professionals, nurses, practitioners, counselors and peer specialists.

“We are working with folk who have some of their symptoms under control but need additional assistance,” said Skelton.

The program is designed to complement other mental health and addiction services currently being provided at Mercy Hospital’s Unity Campus.

The residential treatment program will serve 16 people daily, with an estimated 85 people served annually, providing 24/7 mental health treatment and housing for up to 90 days.

However, in some cases, extensions will be granted for patients who require further treatment.

“We also have two assisted living programs for people who haven’t been successful living on their own,” said Skelton. “If we know it will take 120 days for something to open up we will extend their stay with us.”

Program services will include illness management and recovery, individual counseling, therapeutic groups, medication management, care coordination, leisure and recreation activities and independent living skills education. Integrated treatment will be provided for those who have mental health issues along with substance abuse.

“Residential treatment programs are an important strategy for helping people manage complex mental health needs.” said Ruth Engelstad, Chair of the Anoka County Adult Mental Health Advisory Committee in a press release. “Touchstone will be able to provide the professional level of support needed to transition individuals through their care, just like what is done for people with knee and hip replacements.”

Also, patients will never be discharged without receiving assistance in finding housing and community services to meet their needs.

This will be the third Touchstone facility in Minnesota. Touchstone currently operates two programs in Minneapolis and Bloomington.

The Fridley location is expected to begin operations in November 2017.

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