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Public Hearing Notice

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Mounds View City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, May 8, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Mounds View City Hall, 2401 Mounds View Blvd, Mounds View, Minnesota, 55112 to consider a request for a Conditional Use Permit for a Multiple-Family Dwelling in an R-4 High Density Residential District (Municipal Code, Section 1109.04, Subd 4) for property at 7980 Groveland Rd (PID: 06-30-23-31-0029); 2865 Mounds View Blvd (PID: 06-30-23-31-0030); 2901 Mounds View Blvd (06-30-23-31-0031); and 80XX Groveland Rd (unaddressed) (PID: 06-30-23-31-0241). The properties in question are legally known as:

PID: 06-30-23-31-0029

That part of Lot 48, Auditors Subdivision No. 89 lying South of the North 300 feet front and rear thereof, except that portion taken for the Highway right of way purposes


PID: 06-30-23-31-0030

Lot 49, Auditors Subdivision No. 89, Ramsey County, Minnesota


PID: 06-30-23-31-0031

Parcel 1. Lot 50, except that part which lies Southwesterly of a line run parallel with and distant 100 feet Northeasterly of the Southwesterly boundary of said Lot 50, also except that part described as follows: [full legal on file at the City of Mounds View];


PID: 06-30-23-31-0241

The South 135.00 feet, front and rear, of Lot 47, Auditors Subdivision No. 89, lying westerly of the East 187.00 feet.

Anyone wanting to speak about this matter may be heard at this meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting but want to comment, you may call, submit a letter, or send an email to Jon Sevald. City staff will forward the comments to the City Council.

Information and copies of the proposed plans for the Multiple-Family Dwelling are available for review at City Hall. If you have any questions about this meeting or if you want to make an appointment to review the application, please contact:

Jon Sevald Planner

Phone: 763-717-4022

Email: [email protected]

Mail: 2401 Mounds View Blvd., Mounds View, MN 55112

The City is mailing this notice to all property owners within 350 feet of the subject property.

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April 21, 2017


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