Administrative changes in Mounds View School District

Two administrative changes for the upcoming 2017-18 school year were recently announced in the Mounds View School District. Mounds View High School will welcome new principal Stephanie Bruggers, and current principal Jeff Ridlehoover will take on a new role as assistant superintendent beginning July 1.

Jeff Ridlehoover (Photo courtesy of Mounds View School District)
Jeff Ridlehoover (Photo courtesy of Mounds View School District)

Since Supt. Chris Lennox took over for retired Supt. Dan Hoverman, the assistant superintendent position was previously unfilled for the past school year. After taking time to assess the needs of the district, Lennox appointed Ridlehoover for the position.

Excited to take on this new role, Ridlehoover said the most challenging aspect will also be the most fun. As the assistant superintendent, he is looking forward to visiting all the sites and classrooms in the Mounds View School District.

“In this position, I’ll get a flavor for the district as a whole. Now I am going to be able to experience and see the entire K-12 education system, and Pre-k as well,” Ridlehoover said.

Ridlehoover said he is also looking forward to building relationships with staff at all sites, getting to know them and assisting to seek opportunities for growth.

Ridlehoover will be working closely with Lennox and the curriculum instruction team, assessing all the instructional programming in the district.

“Jeff has been an exceptional instructional leader for Mounds View for the past four years,” Supt. Chris Lennox said in a statement. “He was deservedly named 2017 Principal of the Year by the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals. I know Jeff will miss leading Mounds View High School, but he is ready for and excited to accept this next challenge.”

Stephanie Bruggers (Photo courtesy of Mounds View School District)
Stephanie Bruggers (Photo courtesy of Mounds View School District)

“There’s definitely a bittersweet piece,” Ridlehoover said about leaving Mounds View High. “It’s going to be sad to leave all the students, staff and parents at the high school, but now it’s time for me to have an impact at a different level.”

With big shoes to fill, Ridlehoover is confident that Stephanie Bruggers will be a great successor. The two met while working as associate principals at Wayzata High School.

Bruggers joined the district two years ago as an associate principal.

“This is the kind of school district that once you come here, you don’t want to leave. Educationally, it has an awesome reputation and our community and our kids are outstanding, so I look forward to the years ahead,” Bruggers said.

Taking on the principal role means a shift in responsibilities.

“A high school principal is tasked with making sure that this is a healthy culture and always making decisions in the best interest of kids,” Bruggers said. “The day to day will be different, but who I am as a person and what I value in education and at Mounds View High School, that’s not going to change.”

“Stephanie has been an active member of the Mounds View administrative team and is committed to continuing their work,” Lennox said. “She is a dynamic and collaborative leader, and I’m confident she will enjoy a seamless transition.”

With both administrative changes coming from within, the district is guaranteed to continue with a strong and committed staff.

“I hope to build on what Jeff has done over the last four years. I think, ultimately, when people are happy, they don’t want to see a lot of change, they want to keep moving in the right direction,” Bruggers said. “But with that said, there are areas where we can always be better, and we have a staff that is ready and willing to do that work.”

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