Fridley Council approves cost-share agreement project

Riverwood Apartments parking lot and drainage improvements

The Fridley City Council unanimously approved a cost-share agreement with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization for the Riverwood Apartments parking lot and drainage improvements.

Developed in 1968, the Riverwood Apartments parking lot was designed to routes runoff from adjacent areas, including Chases Island Rd. before the water flows into the Mississippi River.

Over time, the asphalt parking lot has deteriorated, which the owner needs to replace, in part to meet City property maintenance codes.

“City staff has been working with property owners on a solution for several years,” said Hickok.

In 2009, the City of Fridley Engineering Division proposed an installation of a 36-inch wide concrete valley gutter. Engineering staff proposed sharing the cost of the project with the property owner and requested a 10’ easement as well but the property owner wanted a more   comprehensive solution.

Since then, the property owner has continued to work with the city and identified their desire for a more permanent repair that would include water quality treatments of the stormwater runoff.

The city has coordinated with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to develop a cost share project that would benefit all three agencies.

New project roles

The Riverwood Apartments will be paving their lot in addition to adding a curb and gutter, adding a concrete pad for refuse and drainage across their site.

The City of Fridley will assist by adding two catch basins with sumps for pretreatment of runoff at the cul-de-sac on Chase Island Road.

The MWMO will pay for design and construction of a large rain garden on the west side of the parking lot.

The City will maintain the catch basins it installs and the property owner will be responsible for all maintenance improvements on private property.


The total cost of the project is approximately $120,000. The MWMO grant will cover $32,150 and the City of Fridley cost share portion will total $10,000.

The City of Fridley match will be funded through partial allocation of the Storm Water CIP watershed BMO Impementation item for 2018 ($20,000). The MWMO will fund the project via a pass-through grant to the City of Fridley from their Stewardship Fund.

The remainder of the project will be funded by the property owner.

Construction is expected to begin in late April. The Riverwood Apartments are located at 5960 and 5980 Anna Avenue.

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