2017 Mounds View City Council special election voters guide

Four candidates are in the running for the open seat on the Mounds View City Council. Running for election are candidates William “Bill” Bergeron, Tracy A. Henry, Gary Rundle and Gary Quick. The winning candidate will take the open seat for the remainder of its two-year term.

The special election will take place at the Mounds View Community Center, 5394 Edgewood Drive, on Tuesday, March 7, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Residents can vote in-person absentee using the ballot counter at Mounds View City Hall beginning Feb. 28.

William Bergeron

William Bergeron
William Bergeron

Address: 7729 Woodlawn Drive, Mounds View
Age: 61
Family: wife Cheryl and adult children Matthew and Eric
Education: Bachelors in Sociology and Theology
Occupation: Test Evaluator for Data Recognition Corporation
Years lived in Mounds View: 22
Community involvement: Volunteer in Mounds View Schools, Little League Coach, Irondale Basketball Association Coach

Questions for candidates

1. Why are you seeking election to the Mounds View City Council?

Growing up I was taught that you do not just live in a community, you get involved in one. I have had the pleasure of working with a generation of Mounds View kids. I am incredibly proud to see many them return to and invest themselves in the Northern Suburbs as young adults. I believe it speaks volumes about the community we’ve created that our children affirm our investment and choose places like Mounds View to start families of their own.

Mounds View has fostered a sense of, and has taken pride in being, a community valuing all its residents. Long time residents whose experience and leadership helped establish our community, to the recently arrived or returning residents drawn to Mounds View for the same fundamental reasons we all were, the safe and healthy environment of support and concern promoted here. Mounds View is a community to take pride in and well worth our efforts to advance and care for.

2. What do you consider to be the top issues that the City Council should address?

I see the Mounds View City Council as a tool, a tool with which we can continue to foster the sense of community that makes Mounds View such a desirable place live. We do this by continuing to make wise investments in our public infrastructure and community spaces and insuring that the benefits of living in Mounds View are accessible to all our residents. If entrusted to be the next City Council member, I will support the Council’s plans to protect and enhance the city’s infrastructure; to explore new avenues of communication between our city and its residents; to work to advance racial equity and inclusion in Mounds View; and to make every effort to see Mounds View continue its progress environmentally as a Minnesota Green Step City.

Tracy A. Henry

Tracy A. Henry
Tracy A. Henry

Address: 5211 Sunnyside Road

Age: 41

Family: Deanna (spouse), Parker (son, 11), Nolan (son, 9), Clara (daughter, 4)

Education: B.S. in Mass Communications, St. Cloud State University – Master of Business Administration, St. Cloud State University

Occupation: Digital Marketing at 3M

Years lived in Mounds View: 15

Community involvement: President of Irondale Youth Hockey Association , Member of Lake Region Youth Hockey Association, Volunteer of Sunnyside Elementary P.T.A.

1. Why are you seeking election to the Mounds View City Council?

I believe strongly that involvement in the community is the duty of all citizens. That involvement can take many forms, but for me personally, the city council seems to be a good fit. I believe that my educational, professional and personal experiences will allow me to contribute a unique voice from a distinct perspective.

2. What do you consider to be the top issues that the City Council should address?

From a developmental perspective, the city is very mature. Maintenance and upkeep is the elephant in the room that will always require attention. However, certain highly visible parts of the city are going through significant changes. First, Mounds View Boulevard has several derelict properties that detract both aesthetically and economically from the rest of the community. I don’t believe a standard approach to attracting replacement tenants of a similar type will work. I believe an innovative and creative solution will be required.

Second, the forthcoming Rice Creek Commons development will have a significant impact on traffic and shopping patterns on Mounds View streets. Many studies were done to address how traffic will change where traffic emerges at County Rd H and County Rd I, but additional consideration should be given to how student traffic will impact roads leading to Irondale, Edgewood, Pinewood, and Sunnyside, as well as other types of traffic potentially cutting through Mounds View side streets.

And third, the large, vacant, city-owned property on the corner of Mounds View Boulevard and County Rd H2 presents a unique opportunity that should be carefully considered prior to determining its fate. Large new green space in a mature community is rare. The people’s input should be solicited to ensure we’re doing what’s in everybody’s best interests.

Gary Rundle

Gary Rundle
Gary Rundle

Address: 7445 Spring Lake Road

Age: 60

Family: Married to Cindy for 37 years

Education: Auto mechanic diploma from Anoka Technical College

Occupation: Employed by Xcel Energy since 1981

Years lived in Mounds View: 37

Community involvement: Member of St. Timothy’s Catholic Church in Blaine, Mounds View Planning Commission since 2009, Mounds View Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Commission since 2014, Mounds Streets and Utility Committee 2014–2016, Mounds View Lions Club member, Irondale Youth Hockey Board of Directors

1. Why are you seeking election to the Mounds View City Council?

I’m running because I want to see Mounds View continue to be a thriving, family-oriented community.  Having lived and raised my own family here for 37 years, I understand the day-to-day issues facing city residents and will use this knowledge to provide public service with integrity and responsibility. I will partner with other council members to promote development and a mutually beneficial relationship with the Mounds View School District. My experience serving on the Planning and Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Commissions provide me with an excellent understanding of city government and the role of a city council member. Overall, I’m enthusiastic about seeing our city continue to grow and prosper, and I hope that you will support me in this endeavor.

2. What do you consider to be the top issues that the City Council should address?

• Maintain City’s fiscal stability.

• Implement a street maintenance program for the reconstructed streets and develop a plan to address streets that have not been reconstructed.

• Support the engagement occurring between the Police Department and the community at large.

• Re-develop Cross Road Pointe.

• Support the building of a new Public Works’ building.

• Encourage and listen to residents’ and business’ input and concerns, and represent the community interests to the best of my ability.

• Partner with other Council members and City Staff to maintain and improve the quality of life in Mounds View.

Gary Quick did not respond to requests to answer the Sun Focus Voters Guide.