Letter: Thank you Columbia Heights Fire Department, Red Cross

To the Editor:

The Columbia Heights Fire department is teaming up with the Red Cross and providing a special program that allows residents to get free smoke alarms installed in their homes. What a plus it was having a real Fireman/person and female EMT come into my house, talk with me, install fire alarms, educate me on location such as alarms need to be 10 feet out from the wall and 10 feet below the ceiling for good air to circulate, and the alarm to have better detection.

The team also provided information on safety disaster/emergency plans, how to exit one’s house if there is a fire, what to do about your pets, where to put your medicine list and instructions in case of an emergency, and also suggestions on how to be safe in a tornado.

What could be better than having the Fire Department in your home prepping you to be proactive and having time to visit a little when there is not an emergency?

Thank you for coming to my home. Thank you for the smoke alarms.

Jill Goodsell

Columbia Heights