Letter: Columbia Heights Public Schools honored nationally

To the Editor:

This last week, I attended a wonderful ceremony at Columbia Heights High School in celebration of their recent honor, being named Advanced Placement Small District of the Year, with a place on the national College Board’s District Honor Roll. The district has dramatically increased both the number of students taking AP courses and tests (52 percent in two years!), and the percentage of students scoring well on the AP exams.

I was so proud and impressed by the school throughout the ceremony. The students are a diverse and inspiring group, the staff is clearly dedicated to their profession, and the choir that sang was phenomenal. Our community has a lot to be proud of in Columbia Heights Public Schools, and they are finally gaining the recognition they deserve.

In addition to being nationally named Small District of the Year (with under 8,000 students), Columbia Heights was the only school with nearly 50 percent enrollment of American Indian, African American, or Latino students among new AP students. Clearly, the rich curriculum and excellent educators at Columbia Heights Public Schools are doing great things for our students, and I look forward to seeing what these bright young minds are able to accomplish in the future.

Barb Goodwin

Columbia Heights

Barb Goodwin represents Senate District 41, which includes Columbia Heights, Hilltop, Fridley and New Brighton.