Changing, updating city codes in Fridley

Code changes cover home businesses, telecommunication towers

The Fridley City Council Feb. 11 unanimously approved the second reading of changes to city code regarding businesses operating out of homes. The item was on the consent agenda and featured little discussion.

The Fridley Planning Commission considered the changes in December at a public hearing, but no one from the public attended to speak on the topic. The Fridley City Council held a public hearing in early January, during which some questions were raised regarding the changes, particularly in respect to garage sales and parking issues. The City Council and staff considered modifications at the item’s first reading in late January and no further changes were proposed for the second, and final, reading.

Some code changes include requiring that the business is held in the home and not in an accessory building, such as car work in a garage.

New language requires a business “shall have no adverse impact to building aesthetics, traffic volume, hours of operation, noise, odor, dust, smoke, heat, vibration or any other activity that adversely affects the health, safety and general welfare or is detrimental to the residential nature of the surrounding neighborhood.”

Employees are restricted to being occupants of the home with a maximum of one non-occupant employee.

The code further limits equipment in homes, outside storage, parking, exterior business displays, retail sales and the number of garage sales per 12 months, and prohibits motor vehicle services or repairs for nonresidents of the property, commercial food services, excess traffic and deliveries or pick-ups by semi-trucks.

To view or learn more about the ordinance, visit or contact City Hall at 6431 University Ave. N.E. or 763-571-3450.

Other code changes

At the Feb. 11 meeting, the Fridley City Council also unanimously approved changes to the Fridley Zoning Code to clarify approved locations for telecommunication towers and facilities. In addition, they included a map of approved tower sites and updated the telecommunications fees listing.

The Fridley Planning Commission reviewed the changes at a public hearing in December, and the Fridley City Council held a public hearing in early January and a first reading later that month. Before the second reading, some additional corrections were made by staff to the table of approved sites and the corresponding map to clarify the location of the approved telecommunication sites. The council reviewed the documents at the second reading and did not propose any further changes.

Most of the changes are simply updates, but some also pertain to signage, illumination and utility meters.

Another public hearing

Kaza Venkata Sudheer and Saritha Adusumilli applied for a license to offer on-sale 3.2 percent malt liquor and wine at the franchise Paradise Biryani Pointe, at 765 53rd Ave. N.E. This is the former location of India Palace, The Himalayan and Bombay Palace.

No one from the public attended the meeting, but the two applicants were at the meeting. This is their first restaurant they have owned, City Clerk Deb Skogen told the council Jan. 7.

The Fridley City Council approved the license application unanimously.


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