Mounds View council approves step, wage reassignment for city position

Housing and code inspector role revised to include fire marshal duties

The Mounds View City Council on Jan. 28 unanimously approved revisions to the housing and code enforcement inspector/fire marshal/firefighter job description and authorized a wage and step assignment. 

As a result of Kathi Osmonson’s resignation as Mounds View’s fire marshal in May 2012, the City Council appointed Housing and Code Enforcement Inspector Jeremiah Anderson to assume the fire marshal responsibilities. The council also approved a 5 percent temporary wage increase to account for the additional duties, said City Administrator Jim Ericson.

City staff felt that Anderson would be the perfect individual to assume those additional responsibilities, Ericson said, and wanted six months to determine whether Anderson was adequately handling the additional duties.

“We feel he is more than capable to assume and continue to assume the role of fire marshal on top of his other duties,” Ericson said.

Springsted Inc. reviewed the newly created position and conducted a job evaluation to determine the appropriate wage. An attempt was made to examine comparable cities for similar positions, but the Mounds View position is very unique, Ericson said. A Springsted representative looked at Mounds View’s existing pay scales in other positions and determined that the responsibilities and required skill set were very similar to the building inspector position.

Springsted recommended assigning the housing and code inspector/fire marshal/firefighter position to the same pay grade as the building inspector, with a minimum salary range of $46,725 and a maximum salary range of $58,406. Springsted concluded that Anderson is at the top step of the pay grade for housing and code enforcement inspector. Springsted recommended that Anderson be reassigned to Step 4 of the building inspector pay range, at $27.08 per hour, and recommended placing him at Step 5, $28.50 per hour, after a year. Step 4 will be made effective Jan. 1, 2013, and step 5 will take effect Jan. 1, 2014. Anderson had been earning $26.31 per hour.

City staff also recommended that the job description for the housing and code enforcement position be revised to include reference to the additional fire marshal duties that had been temporarily assigned to Anderson.

“Jeremiah Anderson has been an outstanding contributor of our city team and stepping up and growing in the position,” said City Councilmember Carol Mueller. “I’m very grateful that we have this individual on staff, and I’m very proud of the way he’s grown in responsibility. I think that this is a model, maybe, for other communities. I think we’re kind of leading the way with this very unique job within our community and this very energetic and dynamic individual who’s filling this job for us.”

“Jeremiah had some big shoes to fill after Fire Marshal Osmonson,” said Mayor Joe Flaherty. “When she left, we kind of were in a bind. Fortunately, we had this talent within our staff existing. It’s nice that we’re able to promote within, and I like to see that. Jeremiah is doing a fabulous job, and we thank him for his service to the people of Mounds View.


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