Volunteering at St. Mary’s Health Clinics

To the Editor:

Recently I had the privilege of volunteering with St. Mary’s Health Clinics in the facility of Emmanuel Christian Center in Spring Lake Park. This organization, as a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph, practically addresses the need for providing health care for the uninsured population. St. Mary’s operates out of eight clinics throughout the metro, serving individuals regardless of faith, ethnicity, and age. The clinics are staffed by licensed doctors and nurses, along with administrative assistants and interpreters, all of whom volunteer their time and professional services.

Attaining affordable health care is a problem for many Minnesotans, especially those experiencing poverty for only a period of their life. It is important to note that for many individuals, poverty strikes unexpectedly and often is not long-term.

St. Mary’s works to bridge the gap between quality health care and those in need, in a professional and compassionate manner.

I found volunteering with St. Mary’s to be an easy and comfortable way to connect with other individuals within my hometown, and I felt valued by the staff. As a resident of Anoka County, I was encouraged by this organization and the impact they have on this community.

Shannon Doherty