A new position, a new chair and a nicer computer

By Joseph Palmersheim – Sun Post Newspapers

Joseph Palmersheim
Joseph Palmersheim

Hi there! I’m the new managing editor. My name is Joseph Palmersheim, and I am Daniel Callahan’s successor. Daniel recently left our paper to pursue another opportunity and we wish him the best of luck – although now that he is gone I will need to find someone else to share my passion for typewriters in the newsroom.

I digress.

Here is a little background on me. I spent five of the last six years covering Dakota County for the Sun Newspapers chain. I started as the Lakeville editor in 2006 and left as the Dakota County managing editor in summer 2011. Before I returned to the Sun papers last September, I’d spent the past year helping my wife Karla run the DanceXchange, a dance studio she started 10 years ago on the border of Edina and Eden Prairie.

There are enjoyable aspects to owning your own business, but I found that I missed working for a newspaper. The final push to come back came a few months ago when a building collapsed in Eden Prairie near our studio. I was out on the scene with a camera in hand within 10 minutes of the incident, getting quotes from people and taking pictures of the tangled steel girders.

Within an hour, I’d reached an editor and turned in a short story for the Sun website. I did this without being asked. I did it because it needed to be done – and also because I had wanted to. It was really fun.

Journalists are a diverse bunch, but we all share a few things in common. We all live for the rush of chasing down facts in the heat of the moment. We all love writing the first draft of history. We all love getting things right and hate getting things wrong. Those are a few of the reasons I came back. Being a journalist is akin to having a front row seat to the world.

Working for a newspaper is the perfect combination of creativity and curiosity. Once one understand what that means, it is hard to find anything else, work-wise, that compares.

When I am not parked behind this desk, I am a married father of two little girls ages 2 and 4. The latter fact means that my house is full of pink things and princess-related toys. My hobbies include model making and reading military history or science fiction. I collect manual typewriters, fountain pens and World War II-related items. I’m also a bit crazy about history, which suits my occupation, where I have a hand in creating its first draft.

I’m a Holy Angels grad and have worked at the Mall of America. The family business is in Eden Prairie and my girls were born in Edina. I have spent much of my life around the cities in this coverage area and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about them.

It’s nice to be in the neighborhood. See you around.


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