Letter: Yarusso supports better education

To the Editor:

Minnesota has been a leader in education, sadly no longer the national leader it was. Barb Yarusso believes we do better when we have access to a better education. She personally benefited from the good public education in Minnesota and spent more than 25 years in industry as an engineer, a trainer and doing research for H.B. Fuller, 3M, Ecolab and General Mills.

Barb Yarusso, currently a physics and chemistry educator at the high school and college level, believes we can recapture our quality education. She knows first hand what a classroom needs.

The State was allowed to withhold funds from the Mounds View school district, and the school districts across the state, which were legally allocated to these school districts, just to balance the state budget. School districts have had to raise the funds by borrowing money or by asking voters to support bonding initiatives just to pay basic bills.

Is this how we want to fund education? I think not.

Barb Yarusso is a very capable person to represent House District 42A. She will work tirelessly to return Minnesota to a national leader in education.

Josey Warren

Mounds View